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Hilde & Gunther: Second Courtship (Pt 2)

Once inside their bedchamber, Gunther set Hilde upon her feet. She watched him shut the door and lock it. As the weak moonlight was blotted out by clouds, the room grew darker. Hilde stepped towards the bed. Gunther's hand grasped her left wrist and he pulled her hard towards him. Hilde allowed herself to 'stumble' into him. Where Hilde expected his opening gambit in love play was to put her into some sort of shoulder lock, Gunther surprised her with a kiss against the back of her hand. He nuzzled her open palm as he slipped his free arm beneath the cloak to wrap around her waist.

In the darkness of the room, Hilde's cheeks colored. Gunther let go of her hand and cradled the back of her head in the palm of his hand as he guided her forward into a slow, sensual kiss. His gentleness, which would have made another relax, served to heighten Hilde's tension. Gunther broke the kiss and looked down at his wife. She stood still with her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open as she took in a slow breath. Her willow withy colored hair was in all disarray as it tumbled over her shoulders and his hand. He smiled. As desperately as he knew she wanted to appear hard and distant, Gunther could see through the moments where Hilde's mask slipped that she was helpless to resist him, just as he was unable to resist her.

"Dame Rothstein," he said softly, "you have me at your mercy." Hilde's eyes opened and she looked up into his face. Despite the shadows and weak light from the skylight overhead, she could see that Gunther's usual expression of amusement  when he said such words was replaced with a look of tenderness. He lightly brushed a lock of hair from her face. Unsettled by his atypical gentleness, Hilde began to duck her head and look away. Gunther firmly held her against himself and watched as she tried to find some way to evade what he had evoked within her.

Gunther slipped his fingertips beneath her chin and guided her gaze back to his eyes. "I would do it all again," he continued in that quiet tone of conviction, "all of it and more. Just for this moment, Brynhildr." Hilde blushed girlishly. Gunther's smile of amusement arose and Hilde's blush deepened. "Brynhildr, the terror of foolish young men, blushes at my words," he chuckled, "She who happily, boldly beat her would be suitors into shameful submission now turns demure. Amazing what a few lifetimes will do." Hilde moved to punch Gunther in the shoulder when he tightened his hold about her and trapped her arms at her sides. He pressed his lips against her brow, murmuring, "I have caught you. What shall I do with you?"

Moving blindly through the dark room, Gunther and Hilde made their way to their bed. Hilde tried to will her racing heart to stillness. She tried to push aside the nervousness that rose up within her as they bumped into the bed. Gunther's warm hands opened the cloak's clasp and pushed it off her shoulders. As the woolen fabric fell to the floor with a soft noise, Gunther sighed. "Too much fabric in the way," he said with mild disappointment. As he tugged at the lower hem of her shirt and worked it free from where she had it tucked into her jeans, Hilde ran a hand over his chest. Beneath the worn flannel, she could feel the cut of his muscles and how they moved as he worked on beginning to undress her.

"Gunnar," Hilde said in a tone that was a ghost of a whisper. Gunther froze and looked intently into her face. "Why me?" she asked. Gunther's expression brightened as he smiled. He moved to kiss her when Hilde set her fingertips upon his lips and leaned away from him. "Why, Gunnar?" she said, finding herself suddenly dizzy with anxiety over what the answer could be. Gunther caught her hands in his own, brought them together, and pressed them to his chest over his heart. Hilde could feel his heart beat quickening like her own.

"That is why," he said. Hilde looked from their hands to his face. A lock of hair fell into his dark eyes, giving him a rakish air as an errant beam of moonlight cut through the night to fall on his face. Gunther's hands moved to rest on her hips. "This is why," he continued as he pulled her hips hard against his. He pressed his face against the hollow of Hilde's neck and took in a deep breath, savoring the scent of her skin and the perfume of sandalwood and rose that betrayed her rising arousal. A shiver passed through Hilde from her head to her toes. Gunther gave a husky chuckle as he wrapped his arms around her and snarled his right hand in her hair.

Firmly, he turned her head so that she was looking directly at him again. "Because, Brynhildr," he said in a tone that was almost a growl, "I need you. I burn for you. Let Avalon crumble. Let the world become ashes. It is nothing with out you." Hilde blushed again and tried to look away but Gunther's hold didn't allow her. He turned and leaned forward, pressing her down to the bed. Slowly, they laid down. "You are mine," he said before he kissed her. After a time, Hilde found herself becoming breathless and yet Gunther's hungry kiss did not fade. Pushing them past the edge of what non-Avalonian's could bear, Gunther kissed her as though he were trying to drink her soul from her lips. When he broke the kiss and propped himself up on his arms, Hilde took in a deep breath.

Her hands reached for him to draw him into another kiss, when Gunther pushed them aside and pinned her wrists to the mattress beside her head. With a soft groan of frustration, he muttered something she couldn't make out as he bowed his head and rested his brow against her left shoulder. His hands slipped from her wrists to travel down her forearms and then up to her shoulders. He took hold of the lapels of her flannel shirt. For a brief moment he hesitated, considering unbuttoning it, and then he pulled the fabric apart. As the buttons popped off, a wash of cool air moved over Hilde's stomach and sent a shiver through her.

Gunther unhooked Hilde's bra and pushed the cups aside to place a kiss over her heart. Hilde wrapped her right leg over Gunther's hip as his hands slipped under her back. He looked briefly at her face, noting how her eyes were closed in pleasure and the guarded caution he had seen earlier was washed away.  He leaned back, pulling Hilde up to a sitting position as he did so. Hilde's arms wrapped around him as she sat up.

She ran her hands over his back as she pressed her cheek against his chest, trying to commit to memory the feeling of that moment. Lightly, Gunther pushed her away from him. As he pulled his shirt off over his head, he silently damned social conventions that demanded they wear clothing. He threw it aside and then froze as Hilde's cool hands wandered over his sides and up along his spine. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to his chest. Face pressed against his body, Hilde took a deep breath and relished the smell of her husband's skin. He felt warm, almost hot to the touch like someone who was feverish. As her hands moved over his back, she could feel the scars there like some kind of tale in braille that spoke of a life hard lived. For a moment, Hilde felt a deep sense of comfort.

"I could just hold you forever," she murmured. Gunther chuckled softly as he stepped back. He looked to the candle in the sconce near the head of their bed. With a flicking gesture, he used his superhuman command of Flame to set it alight. The sudden burst of light dazzled Hilde's eyes. In that moment, Gunther's hands cupped both sides of her face and he tipped her face upward. The blush of the candle light made her pale skin seem almost flushed. "If we could forget..." she started when his left hand moved so that his fingertips covered her lips.

"Don't think, Dame Rothstein," he said, "Feel." Hilde took a small breath to steady herself and gave her husband a lop sided smile. Gunther stepped back and took the remainder of his clothes off in silence. As Hilde watched him, she couldn't help but appreciate how the light played over his shoulders and the flickering shadows made him seem more of a thing of dreams than a man. When Gunther straightened, he looked over at his wife and found himself unable to think of anything more in the moment than watching how the light played over her lily white skin. His breath caught in his throat when she stood.

Hilde stepped up to him and set a cool hand on his bare chest, covering the valknut tattooed there. She laid her head on his shoulder and wrapped her arm around his waist. Comforted by the solidity of the man in her arms, Hilde breathed quietly. With a small motion, she found her way to pressing her lips against his. Gently, they kissed. Gunther's body heat seeped through the denim of her slacks and Hilde unconsciously pressed herself harder against him in a primal attempt to feel greater warmth in the chill room. His hands gripped her hips and she gave an unintentional noise of pleasure. "Mine," Gunther muttered into Hilde's mouth as she broke their kiss to take a breath.

Hilde made a small noise of delight and shivered. "Yours," she sighed in answer. Gunther's hands moved to unbutton her jeans and she pushed them away. She stepped back and sat down on the bed. As Hilde kicked off her boots, Gunther struggled with the urge to push her back down on the bed and rip each stitch of cloth off of her. His wife looked up briefly from her work unzipping her jeans and caught the expression of hunger in his eyes. She dropped her eyes with a sudden maidenly blush.

A sly, wolfish smile came over him when she stood and her pants dropped to the floor. She looked up just as Gunther came forward. He stooped and lifted her up in both his arms. Hilde gave a little, almost nervous sounding laugh when he dropped her naked form squarely on to their bed. As he crawled onto the bed with her, Hilde began to move aside to give him room. Gunther suddenly reached out and grappled her, pinning her in place. As he raised himself up on his arms, Gunther's mind raced.

Part of him howled to handle her as roughly as he had in the past, much to her delight. Another part of him saw the uncertainty that came from his gentleness and wanted to try this new facet to see its edges and fractures. As he deliberated what to do, Hilde squirmed beneath him. A quick grin flashed over his face at her mild discomfort and how her efforts to make herself more comfortable felt against him. Slowly, Gunther lowered himself until he was close enough that a deep breath would have made his chest touch Hilde's breasts. The look of amusement returned when he realized that the closer he came to her, the shallower Hilde began to breathe.

With deliberate daintiness, Gunther traced his index finger of his right hand along Hilde's jaw. As he did so, he allowed his supernatural command over the body's functions touch her. Where his fingertip passed, Hilde had a sensation of pure pleasure. She closed her eyes and shuddered with a sigh. Her breasts pressed against his chest and that electric sensation washed over her. "Ah, gods," she groaned. Where her legs were trapped between his, Hilde found that she simply couldn't lie still for the want of feeling more of his skin against hers. Gunther ran his fingertip over her lips and Hilde took in a shuddering breath. Acting on some primal impulse, Hilde opened her mouth and caught his fingertip lightly between her teeth.

"You're not trying to stop me, are you?" Gunther asked with an ominous chuckle. Hilde opened her eyes and looked up at him with a mixture of frustration and lust. He began to pull his finger from her mouth when Hilde bit down slightly harder. Gunther shifted his weight slightly, moving so that he sat squarely on her hips. As he did so, Hilde's eyes rolled with pleasure and she bit harder even as she moaned with pleasure. "Your precious control, Brynhildr, doesn't matter here," he said while he leaned back.

Hilde gave a harsh sigh, though Gunther couldn't tell if it was relief that there was less of the overwhelming sensations or disappointment for it. Hesitantly, Hilde touched his finger with the tip of her tongue. Her hold on his digit became less harsh as she smiled and caressed him again with her tongue. Satisfied that she had somehow taken control over the situation, Hilde raised her right hand and began to reach up to caress him. Gunther deftly pulled his hand away from her face as he ran his left hand up her side, making her gasp and arch slightly.

Gunther firmly grasped her breast and Hilde nearly sat up with a small, strangled noise of alarmed arousal. As he let his fingernails dig into that soft flesh, his wife's right hand slapped the mattress and gripped hold of the sheets while she made a guttural noise of pleasure. Stopping before he had even done enough to leave the faintest of bruises behind, Gunther watched the expression of tormented ecstasy on her face. His touch lightened and Hilde's eyes opened wide with surprise again. He traced where his fingernails had left small half moons behind. Hilde gave a pained whimper that Gunther recognized.

"All that fight," he said with amusement, "and I'm just taking it away. Byrnhildr Jordsdottir, you don't really want to fight me, do you?" Hilde looked up at him, shivering as he took his hand away and set it on his thigh. "You could push all of this away," he continued in a tone rich with suggestion, "You could fight me right now, but you're not. Aren't you going to fight me, Green Maiden? Pit your pride against my lust." Hilde breathed slowly, desperately attempting to figure out what the correct answer to his question was.

"I ..." she started when Gunther placed both hands on the mattress to either side of her head. He moved slowly, stretching out over her in an almost serpentine motion. As the aphrodisiac like effect of their skin touching increased, Hilde's comment was forgotten with a gasp. Reflexively, she wrapped her arms about him. She threw her head back and gave a small, keening cry as an orgasm rolled through her. Gunther pressed his face against where her left shoulder and neck met. Hilde gave a small sob of pleasure.

As they rolled over and her husband's arms wrapped around her, she felt tears on her cheeks as she struggled to draw breath in the face of how her body spasmed with pleasure. Gunther's hands slid down her back. He took hold of the backs of her thighs and guided her in parting her legs. Hilde's embrace about his upper back to her grasping his shoulders. "Quietly, Brynhildr," Gunther muttered in her ear. Hilde's weak sounding moan as she dropped her head down to his shoulder made him smile.

As he sheathed himself within her, Hilde straightened with a strangled cry, her hands pressing Gunther's shoulders down into the mattress. Gunther reached up and pulled her harshly to his chest. Hilde's eyes rolled as she made an animalistic noise sounding almost pained. Pinning her against himself with his left arm and holding her hips hard against his own with his right hand, he thrust into her with a hard motion. Hilde sobbed. Her thoughts were lost in the onslaught of arousal and pleasure that came with each breath and slight motion. Somewhere within her, a part of her insisted she shouldn't be so wanton, though all of her body screamed for more.

Gunther turned his head and caught Hilde's ear between his teeth. Hilde cried out and Gunther gave her a single swat on her buttocks. As she squirmed and took in a deep breath, Gunther did something unexpected. A low, inhuman sounding growl came from him. It was a noise that was entirely out of place, and yet it fit perfectly. Hilde shuttered and wept with the strange combination of arousal and confusion. Gunther thrust slowly into his wife as he slowly bit down harder on her right earlobe.

"Mercy," Hilde said in a tone that was such that most would have taken it as pure agony. Gunther opened his mouth and Hilde began to raise her head. He grabbed hold of the hair at the back of her head. With a harsh motion, he pulled her head to the side and bared her neck. He bit her neck over where her pulse was pounding. Hilde gave an anguished sob as her hands spasmed on her lover's shoulders. "Mercy," she whined, "Give me mercy..." Gunther ignored her words, noting she had not called out the safeword, and raked his nails down her back. "Ah gods..." Hilde gasped in a strangled tone.

Gunther's voice was hot with his own arousal and filled with his own dark hungers when he said sharply, "Mercy is for the weak." As thrust into her faster and harder, Hilde struggled to breathe and found herself seeing stars as her body seemed to take a mind of its own and writhed atop her husband. Becoming frustrated with their position, Gunther rolled them over again. Pinning Hilde beneath him by the shoulders, Gunther pushed himself up away from her. For a moment, Hilde lay still and shuddering. She stared up at him with wide, tearful eyes. On the right side of her throat, the bruise from his bite was livid in the golden candle light. Her breasts heaved with each gasping breath, one bearing a faint bruise from his grasp earlier.

Lust was plainly written in her face as was something like pain. Gunther looked down at her and smiled. Hilde paled slightly at the naked predatory light in his eyes. Resisting the urge to slake his lust upon his bride with all violence, Gunther leaned down. He opened his mouth and dragged his tongue over her cheek, tasting her tears. He kissed her, grinning at how she moaned into his mouth when he did so. When he raised his head, Gunther couldn't help his noise of hunger, a sound that was only slightly more human compared to his growl earlier. Holding her on the edge of yet another orgasm and unconsciousness, the man felt a rush of power for how she stared at him with both desperation for more and dread of it.

"You fear this," he said huskily in her ear, feeling immensely satisfied with how she squirmed and moaned as he did so. "You fear pleasure," he continued, setting the tips of his right hand against her cheek. Hilde shrank away from him with a pained whimper even as he felt her clench around his erection. "Most of all," he said as he traced the curve of her face and over her jaw, "You fear how much you need it, Harbinger of Joy. You fear it will consume you." Hilde tossed her head with a frustrated noise.

Gunther lightly took hold of her jaw and forced her to look directly at him. He smiled triumphantly at how the expression of dread deepened and how her breath caught in her throat. Gunther covered her mouth with his own. He gave himself over to his lust. Soon, Hilde was at a place where she normally would have screamed with pleasure. Gunther, however, did not allow her enough breath to do so, thus she only gasped. Increasingly deprived of oxygen, Hilde weakened beneath him. Sensing her drawing near a point where only her force of will would have kept her conscious, Gunther raised his head. He sucked in a lungful of air and then gave a harsh, guttural groan as he came. Gunther watched as Hilde's face was a mask of pleasure, she gave weak noises as she tried to catch her breath, and shuddered with a final, hard orgasm before she slipped into unconsciousness.

Gunther gave a satisfied little half growl of pleasure as he rolled off her. He sat up and pulled the tousled blankets from the foot of their bed up over the pair of them. Gunther allowed the magic of lust fade from his touch. Still, when he ran a hand lightly over Hilde's cheek, she shuddered with a weak orgasm and moaned. He smiled and wrapped himself about her beneath the soft fleece covers. He felt her twitch. Softly, he chuckled.

(Author's note: I'm not entirely thrilled with how this turned out. That said, I finally have the second part of the series up. It only took me a few months to write.)

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