Friday, May 23, 2014

Fanfic: Loki

He walked about the woman from Midgard. He wasn't sure how she had arrived here and it seemed that she was equally unsure. Loki was bored of Asgard but restrictions that had been placed on him kept him confined to a few chambers, despite his considerable efforts. Now, he had company. As he looked the painfully average looking woman over, his clever mind considered the prospect that it was perhaps some form of magic that had brought her here.

"You should not be here," he said, finally breaking the uneasy silence. The woman's cat green eyes moved from object to object in the room, clearly attempting to ascertain if there was some means of escape. Her dark hair was piled up on the top of her head in a hasty washerwoman's knot. A few strands had escaped to lay along her neck where a fine silver chain lay. The item at the end of the chain was hidden beneath the neckline of her terribly plain bright pink t-shirt. Curious as to if the secret to her arrival and his possible escape lay in the pendant, Loki reached an elegant finger towards her, intending to hook the chain and lift the object of inquiry from hiding.

His motion towards her jolted her into motion and she stepped back, bringing her hands up in a defensive gesture. Loki gave a sudden grin, amused by her defiant action. "Don't touch me," she hissed. Loki shook his finger and put on a mock expression of disapproval.

"You mortals should know better then to taunt..." he started taking a step towards her when she did something unexpected. Rather then retreating back a step, she moved forward and delivered a sharp uppercut to his jaw as she moved to take one of his knives from the sheath. Blood welled from where his lower lip had been cut by a tooth, but the Asgardian paid it no mind as he summoned his magic to drive the woman back away from him.

The woman bared her teeth in a small snarl as she fought against a wind that only touched her that pushed her back. Loki's eyes narrowed slightly as he realized that his magic was not working as it should have. Rather then tumbling back from a sudden bolt of force, the woman moved back step by step, somehow resisting his magic. Loki concentrated and the woman stumbled back several paces. Once out of arm's reach, Loki let the spell go from his mind.

The pendant that had been hidden by her blouse had fallen out of it's hiding place and gleamed. A tiny, intricately carved silver image of leaves fashioning a face that Loki recognized shone on her breast. "Did he send you?" Loki asked, unable to keep the loathing out of his voice. Loki had no love for the lord of Alfheim, even though he was technically his adoptive grandfather. Freyr had been a vague presence in Loki's youth that was always stern and quick to pin Loki's ears back when he caught Loki's sharp tongue letting into Thor or, even worse, caught Loki in a lie.

"I don't even know how I came to be here, let alone where in Hel, I am," the woman spat, "For all I know, YOU brought me here." Loki laughed. His amusement made the woman before him almost visibly seethe with frustration. This only made the situation even funnier to the trapped deity. Loki turned and walked over to a chair and sat down, taking a goblet in hand. He applied a bit of magic and fashioned a second one. Casually, he poured from the jug sitting on the table into both goblets.

"Allow me to bid you welcome," he said, placing the magically produced goblet on the corner of the table closest to the woman glaring at him suspiciously, "This is my humble abode and prison here in Asgard. You are a very long way from home." The woman mouthed the word 'Asgard' and then abruptly looked away from Loki. She looked about herself clearly troubled. She pinched herself viciously on her right arm. Loki leaned back in the chair and watched with amusement.

"You truly don't know how you came to be here, do you?" he said mildly, his voice bubbling with laughter. "What manner of sorcery do you perform?" he said conversationally, "As you were clearly using something earlier."

"That's for me to know... ," the woman answered and Loki interrupted her with a laugh.

"So defensive, I would think my reputation has turned to far fame on Midgard," he said, fixing her with an intent look. A cruel little smile curved his lips. "I could compel you to tell me," he said slowly, "You are not strong enough to resist me."

The woman's head jerked back slightly as she took a sudden breath in. A faint touch of color was painted on her cheeks, despite the fact that she paled at his initial statement. Loki set his chin on his left hand and regarded her. For all of his unexpected guest's efforts to appear brave, he could tell that there was a deep vein of fear running through her. "I don't need you to answer my questions," Loki said, looking at her, his smile deepening as a thought ran through his mind.

"Good, because I don't have any answers," she snapped. At her feisty reply, Loki leaned towards her. Something ominous lurked in his gaze as his eyes bled from green to a blood red color and the ambient temperature of the room dropped a few degrees. The woman took a step back and nearly tripped over a chair that had fallen over when Loki bolted to his feet at her sudden appearance in the middle of the room.

Loki stood taking the cup he set on the corner of the table and slowly approached her. As he did so, the room grew colder and a wash of goosebumps stood out on the woman's arms. She worked hard to master her fear but it was there and growing. Watching how she struggled with herself, Loki realized he was enjoying the situation far more then he had anticipated.

He held out the cup towards her, a faint sheen of ice beginning to form over the surface of the liquid and frost spreading over the outside from where his hand was in contact with it. "Drink with me, little mortal," he said, unable to keep the dark amusement of his tone, "Entertain me." Despite the cold and her fear, the woman did not move back as he had expected. Loki had surely figured she would shy away from how he had become a living heatsink due to his jotun blood. The air surely was enough that it was difficult for her to breathe, for Loki noted that her breath now came in short gasps, with her breathing more through her nose then her mouth.

"No," she answered, her teeth chattering against the cold. Loki lifted his head slightly and gave her a calculating look. It was clear that this strange woman was from Midgard. Her manner of dress and speech made it plain. Some form of magic seemed to run in her veins, though Loki couldn't determine it from the way her will pressed against his when she resisted his spell. He wasn't sure if it was madness or rare courage that spurred her to resist him. Loki strongly doubted it was stupidity.

"You have broken frith by pitting your magic against me," she said. Loki laughed.

"Ah, but it was not I who broke frith," Loki said, "But rather you when you attacked me. I offer you peace, woman."

The woman narrowed her eyes. "Peace comes with a price," she said, "especially with one such as you." Loki laughed. His appearance tended back towards that of Asgardian and the room became warmer.

"Drink with me," he said.

"What is in the water?" she answered warily, not even moving towards the cup. Loki threw back his head and laughed loudly. The idea that on Midgard his name had become so reviled that this woman suspected he would poison her for his amusement struck him as hilarious.

"It is wine," he said. He then raised the goblet to his mouth and took a swallow before holding it out to her. Seeing that he had suffered no ill effects, she hesitantly took the goblet from him. The moment her fingers touched his, she gasped as something like the feel of an electric charge ran up her arm. Her eyes widened as she stared unseeingly forward. Loki's expression turned quizzical.

Trapped within the vision, she saw herself pinned against the wall with Loki's hands in her hair. His mouth was hard against hers, something that she could almost feel an echo of on her lips. The god's presence threatened to sweep her conscious mind aside, even though what she saw was but an image of the thought that had gone through Loki's mind as he held out the cup. She gave a long, shuddering gasp as she wrestled her will back into line and pulled her hand away from his.

Loki watched as she came back to herself and then moved away from him, her eyes widening somewhat. All of her previous air of struggled control was lost. Like a cat spotting a mouse about to flee, Loki couldn't help the quickening of his blood. "You fear me," he said slowly, relishing each word and how she paled. "Tell me," he said, "what did you see?" She shook her head, moving back towards the wall and trying to make the distance between them grow and failing as he stepped forward.

He set the cup down on the corner of the desk he had been sitting at earlier. She looked at the cup and the back at him. Loki noted her nervous glance and chuckled. "Oh," he said, "that option has passed." He then snapped his fingers and the goblet vanished. The wine held the shape of the bowl of the goblet before splashing down to the table. "Tell me," he said, "what did you see?"

The woman bumped into the wall, giving a little yelp as she stumbled over her own feet. Loki crossed the distance between them in a few swift paces. He stood so close that a deep breath by either of them would have closed the distance. She looked up at him, her eyes almost blue with wild panic. In a very small voice, she said, "This."

Loki smiled. He brought his hands up and snarled them in her hair. He had to admit, the way she trembled against him was intoxicating. Loki looked deeply into her eyes. "No," he said, "I believe it was this." He leaned against her, pressing her against the wall with his full weight. As she opened her mouth to tell him to stop, his closed over it. Then, the trembling Midgardian sorceress had her breath stolen from her with an agonizingly slow kiss.

Loki realized in that moment, it wasn't mere company he had yearned for. It was this heady, intoxicating rush of power as he took this frail creature in hand and bent her to his will. For her part, the woman had all coherent thought swept away. There was only the feeling of Loki's presence, the echo of his hunger, and the quiet eerie sound of his amused chuckle ringing in her mind.

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