Friday, March 14, 2014


She threw the cup of coffee across the room with a furious cry. As the cheap mug shattered, the man standing in the doorway arched an eyebrow. "Really?" he muttered. Hilde kicked the spinning wheel out of her way, sending it whirling as it fell to the floor. Gunther watched as his wife raged about her office. Normally, she took bad news with a stoic demeanor. This sudden and violent flare of anger told him that something was different about this situation.

"I'm going to fucking kill him," she spat, jabbing a finger at Gunther, "And then I'm going to tear his fucking organization apart. Then I am ..." Her next declaration stopped when she realized that her husband was smirking at her. Hilde's rage over the man responsible for a series of violent sex crimes against women's escape via a human trafficking ring that they were working on breaking up just seemed to grow as more information about the man's crimes came to light. It didn't help matters that they had nearly caught him when he managed to completely vanish.

Gunther's news that another victim fitting the profile of their quarry's chosen targets was found barely alive in a dumpster with Hilde's name carved into their chest made that rage bubble over and Hilde moved from shaking with anger to a violent outburst. Normally, Gunther would have been working to calm her down. At the moment, however, he was too busy being caught up in just how pretty she looked when she was angry. She seemed to glow and move with a terrible grace when she stopped thinking about restraining herself. It reminded him of how she looked and moved when they were in bed.

It was an entirely inappropriate response to the situation but Gunther was never very good at appropriate. "What the fuck are you smirking at?" Hilde spat. Gunther grinned despite himself, suddenly quite pleased that he managed to capture all of her attention. He stepped forward and reached to pull her into a kiss when Hilde's hand flashed into his field of view. She moved fast enough that Gunther wasn't able, even with his knightly gifts, to avoid the sharp smack she landed across his face. His head whipped to the side as a drop of blood beaded up where a tooth caught his lip.

Inwardly, Gunther questioned what was in the drink that he was given earlier. The shock of being smacked for a moment staved off the rising lust long enough for him to realize that one of his former housemates must have slipped him something in that cup of coffee. Hilde gave him a hard look. The anger in her expression mingled with suspicion as Gunther made a point of keeping his gaze fixed on the wall. "What the fuck has gotten into you?" she demanded. Gunther tried not to think about sweeping everything off the desk and throwing his wife down on it to have his way with her.

His hand trembled slightly as he gave a small groan. "I'm going to geld Manus," he said, speaking of the narrow shouldered, hook nosed Morganite from Avalon who had made a pointed effort of attempting to get Hilde's attention. Her rebuff of his persistent attentions turned into Manus attempting to insinuate himself as Gunther's friend, asking 'innocently' what it was like to be married to another knight. Gunther didn't think anything of Manus giving him a cup of coffee as he was walking to tell Hilde the bad news.

"What does Manus have to do with anything?" she demanded.

"That fucker slipped something in the damn coffee," Gunther spat, struggling with all of his control and attempting with his knightly gifts to remove the effect of what ever the Morganite had done to him. Hilde reached over and set a hand on Gunther's right wrist. That was when his control broke. That was also when the magic flowed from Gunther into Hilde. Gunther turned and all the energy of his anger converted itself into raw sexual need.

His mouth closed over Hilde's as she gasped in shock. Cold fire burned up her arm from where her skin touched is and was he kissed her, that cold fire burned from his mouth into her own and down her throat. Hilde struggled but Gunther gripped her hard against him, deepening the kiss. As the magic assailed her, Hilde gave an inward cry, anger replaced with distress. And then, it was gone. Only Gunther remained. His hands went to the collar of her shirt.

With all the ease of tearing paper, he ripped the fabric apart and pushed the tattered remnants off her shoulders. Hilde's head lolled backwards as he broke the kiss and pressed his face against the hollow of her right shoulder. Gunther took in a deep breath, bared his teeth, and bit down on her shoulder. Hilde gave a surprised cry. She stepped backwards but Gunther moved with her.

His hands gripped her hips hard as he lifted his head and grinned at her. Gunther and Hilde crossed the room in a few stumbled paces to run into the wall hard enough to make the picture hanging on it jump. Hilde vaguely registered the noise of the glass in the frame breaking as it hit the ground but Gunther's hands roughly divesting her of her jeans ripped her awareness back to him. Neither of them had noticed the door to Hilde's office open and then close.

Manus watched as Hilde reached for Gunther. The way her body shuddered delicately as Gunther ran his left hand up her side while he unzipped his jeans made Manus's breath catch in his throat. Gunther leaned forward, closing his mouth over Hilde's left breast. He pinched her nipple between his teeth and rolled it slightly between them. Hilde's eyes fluttered shut as she gave a throaty groan of pleasure. Manus ached as he watched Gunther straighten and pick Hilde up slightly.

Pinning her against the wall, Gunther sheathed himself within her. "Oh god," he groaned, "You're so tight." At the sound of his voice, Hilde shuddered. She wrapped her arms and legs about him. As Gunther began to thrust forcefully into her, she let her head rest on his shoulder. She whimpered and made small noises of pained pleasure. Faster and faster, he thrust. Hilde threw her head back and gave a little gasp before she screamed with her orgasm. Manus expected that the lovers would be done shortly after that.

Hilde gave a low, sensual moan before shuddering hard and digging her nails hard into Gunther's shoulders. She screamed as her second orgasm stormed over her. Behind him, Manus could hear someone beating on the door. Manus didn't care. He couldn't stop watching the way Hilde writhed in Gunther's arms or the look on her face as he threw himself into his task. Manus locked the door and leaned against it, tempted to enjoy himself in a more physical fashion as he watched them.

Gunther stiffened abruptly, giving a low almost feral sounding growl as his own orgasm finally reached him.  Hilde, whose screams had dropped down to whimpers, wilted in his arms. Her eyes rolled and unconsciousness washed over her. Blood pounding in his head, Gunther closed his eyes. He realized that the after effects of what ever had been done to them had worn off. Immediately after realizing the effects of the magic has worn off with his orgasm, he was aware that someone was beating on the door and that they were not alone.

Gunther carefully lowered the exhausted Sargent to the ground. As he stood, he took a breath in while he resettled his slacks and zipped them. He could smell that odd, musty scent that he associated with Manus. Gunther turned to find the Morganite in question standing against the door. Rage roared through him. Manus, who was still staring lustfully as the sleeping Hilde, failed to note the danger as Gunther turned to face him.

i'm not pleased with this one either. ah well, i at least wrote something today.

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