Saturday, February 1, 2014

Deamon's Kiss (pt. 4)

He lifted his head, licking her blood from his lips like an animal. His pointed, almost canine looking teeth made the smile he gave her horrifying. Astrid inwardly begged the gods to rescue her from her situation. She closed her eyes, finding this was the extent of the control she had over her body. She dove deep within herself as he laughed softly.

Astrid attempted to put her mind to focus on moving through the sword forms that her father had taught her, that she drilled herself on each morning. She had very nearly succeeded in separating her awareness from that of her body when the terrible, terrible cold that wreathed them suddenly stormed through her awareness. She opened her eyes to see her dark haired 'husband' shift his attention from herself to a blond haired man walking through the frozen forms towards them.

Astrid dared to hope that it was a savior coming. The blond man looked down at the pair with a dispassionate look on his face. He delivered a savage kick into the ribs of the man over her. As he rolled off of her, the man snarled at the interloper, who drew the sword at his side. The cold, unnaturally black metal seemed to steal the light from about it, somehow making the environment become dimmer. "Go Byroniac," the blond man said, "Leave this place."

Byroniac rose up to his hands and knees, giving his brother a dire look. "She's mine," he hissed, "Mine, Maigren." Maigren turns his cool gaze to Astrid, watching as her skin turned mottled and her lips moved towards an almost orchid color from the cold. Byroniac reached to pull Astrid over towards him when Maigren moved. Burning fluid splashed across Astrid's chest as Byroniac's hand fell to the ground. The wounded deamon howled.

"Not any more," Maigren said, stepping forward. Byroniac scrambled back away from his elder brother. As the elder made ready to bring his weapon to bear again, the younger made his way to his feet and retreated. Maigren sheathed his blood dewed blade and took the cloak off of his shoulders. Carefully, he helped Astrid to her feet and wrapped the heavy, fur lined fabric about her. Astrid shuddered in the chill, noting that the blood that had come from Byroniac's wounds was liquid still despite the bone gnawing cold.

"Come," the deamon prince said, "your place is with me now." Astrid allowed Maigren to gather her close, allowing the first of her sobs to escape. As the Maid began to weep against his shoulder, the deamon prince allowed himself a smile. His plan to capture this prize had gone far better then he had anticipated.

~ Fin ~

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