Thursday, January 9, 2014

Erik & Sasha

Author's note: I'm not terribly pleased with how this came out. It is, however, the first vanilla scene that I've written that I didn't feel was utterly atrocious. Depending on how people like it, I may give writing a few more vanilla scenes a try.

He took a slow drag off of the cigarette and looked at the knives sitting out before him on the table in a tidy row. Some were long and wicked looking things as others were deceptively small. The sharpening stone sat beside the freshly cleaned and sharpened instruments of his trade. As Erik allowed himself a moment to admire his well honed tools, he heard the noise of his guest rolling over in his bed. The black man looked over and thought about the woman laying there.

She had been nothing if not greedy for his dick. A long night of vanilla sex left him pleasantly exhausted. It was the first time in weeks that he had slept a solid five hours. Erik wasn't sure if he'd get another round of fun with her. As he turned back to his knives, the woman in his bed muttered something indistinct into the pillows. Erik's work as a hatchet man wasn't glamorous like the movies made it. For some reason, however, Erik found himself in the position of having his boss's sister all hot and bothered over his work.

It started out innocently enough. A few drinks and some light flirting turned more physical when Sasha got into his car. It had been years since he sat in a car and made out with a girl. Erik found himself struggling with the urge to start stripping her clothes off as Sasha's hands went everywhere and some how knew all the right things to do.

When Sasha suggested that they go to his apartment, Erik was thinking more with his dick then his brain. They barely got in the apartment before Sasha started peeling off her clothes. Her coffee colored skin shone beautifully in the street lights that shone into his living room. Erik started to take off his shirt but Sasha didn't feel like waiting that long. He had gotten half way through unbuttoning the shirt when she hit her knees before him and unzipped his slacks.

Her mouth was so warm and inviting. Erik groaned in almost pained pleasure as she gave him what he was pretty sure was the best blow job he had gotten in his life. Just when he thought he couldn't stand it any longer, Sasha stopped with a wicked smirk. She stared up at him with that hungry look in her eye as she wiped a drop of saliva off her lips with the back of her right hand. All thoughts of resisting her just crumbled away at that motion.

Erik stepped out of his pants and vaguely wondered if he had shut the door. He glanced over his shoulder and breathed a tiny sigh of relief to discover that the neighbors hadn't had a view of the excitement. Sasha stood up and ran a hand over her generous breasts. Erik caught the movement out the corner of his eye and looked over to see her wriggling out of her jeans that he would have sworn were painted on.

Sasha paused for a moment. Erik's mouth went dry and his breath caught as she shot him a smoldering look over her bare shoulder with her jeans half off. Again that wicked smirk was flashed at him. Erik shook his head and said quietly, "Damn, girl." Sasha stood up and stepped out of her pants. Erik noted with some delight that her lacy red panties were in that pile of fabric sitting in the middle of the floor. Sasha lead the way to the bedroom.

Erik walked up behind her as she stopped at the foot of the bed. He wrapped his arms about her waist and kissed her left shoulder. Erik could smell the coconut scented lotion that she used and the suggestion of the rum that she had been drinking earlier. Her hair, in its tight braids, snaked across her shoulders as she turned her head to look over at him. Erik pressed a kiss to her left cheek and lightly nudged her towards the bed.

Sasha giggled. She turned around and fell backward onto the mattress. Erik grinned at the way her breasts jiggled when she bounced on it. He ran a hand up the inside of her right leg. Sasha's wicked smirk was replaced with a little look of delight. Erik found that unintentional surrender of control painfully arousing.

Erik crawled up the mattress, lowering his head to place kisses randomly up her body. He looked down at her as she spread her legs invitingly and arched her back slightly, pressing her breasts against his chest. Erik reached down and maneuvered her hips somewhat so that he could easily penetrate her. The same pained groan of pleasure escaped him as he sheathed himself in her warm, wet depths. Sasha shuddered delicately and sighed.

Erik had wanted to go slowly and wring each ounce of pleasure he could out of the moment. Sasha's little moans and whimpers of delight, however, whipped his lust up into a frenzy. Erik threw himself into his fucking her with wild abandon. When she started to squirm and shudder with her orgasms, Erik's shredded self control failed and he soon lost himself in his own climax.

The memory of sex just seemed to whet his appetite for it. As Erik finished his cigarette and began to put his knives away, he decided that waking up Sasha for another go at it was a good idea. Erik smiled.

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