Thursday, December 26, 2013

Deamon's Kiss (pt. 2)

Astrid the Maid stared at the black haired man before her. All about them, the air burned with the cold but she felt it not. Trees groaned and soon began to burst from the sudden cold that froze their sap solid. Where she would have jumped at the loud rapport of the trees exploding, the grip of the man who claimed her was far too strong to be penetrated by mere sound. His dark eyes swam with darker thoughts as he smiled.

"Look about you," he said, his voice rich with amusement. Astrid tore her eyes away from the man that fascinated her and looked about them. At first, it did not make sense. People literally frozen in midmotion stood about them. Some had expressions of horror on their faces and others wore looks of terror. Those who had attempted to flee tottered on the edge of motion.

The black haired man walked towards the nearest of the frozen forms. He gave it a push and the item tipped to the side before crashing to the ground and shattering on impact. Astrid shook off some of the spell's effects to gasp in horror. He who had defeated her kicked at the shards at his feet. His lips twisted into a rich, sensual smile as Astrid shivered. Bone gnawing cold pressed insistently against her awareness and she stooped to pick up the sword at her feet.

"Yes," he purred, "Come fight me, Maid." Astrid lifted the weapon and suddenly gasped. Somehow, she felt his hands passing over her body though they were beyond arms reach from each other. A ghostly hand moved over her stomach and up to cup her left breast. Those phantom hands felt warm and had the weight of an actual touch. Astrid shook herself, looking back to find only more frozen corpses in gruesome death masks of terror.

Astrid bared her teeth and charged forward even as one of the phantom hands danced lightly over her right shoulder. Distracted by his magic, Astrid's blow went wild and struck another frozen form. The body shattered with the force of her blow as she stumbled forward. Astrid lifted up her weapon again and placed her feet firmly beneath herself. A ghostly hand moved up her right leg.

That spectral touch teased the bruise left on the inside of her thigh from his love bites the night before. That incredibly faint touch sent a thrill of pleasure through her. Astrid struggled to maintain her focus but the magic rolled over her like fog. She felt his touch everywhere. A caress across her cheek. His nails dragged slowly down her spine. Clever fingertips relentlessly twisting and teasing her clit.

With a gasp, the blade slipped from her hand as she moved to wrap her arms protectively about herself. She dropped to her knees, shuddering as she felt her body fill with the liquid heat of desire. Astrid desperately tried to think of something, anything else. She closed her eyes and bowed her head, bending down until her forehead touched the rock hard frozen ground. She could hear him walking towards her.

A part of her thrilled with joy that he was drawing closer even as she struggled with the urge to weep with despair and fear. Unholy amusement sounded in his chuckle as he walked about her. Astrid shuddered as the phantom hands caressed and teased her body mercilessly. "Such will," he said, his voice stoking the fires of desire within her. He came to a stop before her. He crouched down and set his jaw in the palm of his left hand, his elbow resting on his knee.

Astrid opened her eyes and lifted her head. Dread and terror warred with lust in her blue eyes. He reached forward with his right hand. Astrid cringed away from him. His smile was a beautiful expression of tenderness and delight. As his fingertips settled on her cheek, Astrid gave a keening cry. Pure pleasure rolled through her senses at that touch. Pleasure that burned away nearly everything except the terror.

Despite her terror, Astrid leaned forward towards that touch. His hand opened and settled against her cheek. Astrid shuddered and nuzzled his palm even as she inwardly screamed for it all to stop. Her mind clamored against the actions her body took, but she was powerless to stop herself as she unwound her arms from about herself and reached for him.

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