Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Scene: Reading Sappho

In memoriam stella vigilem
amari et desiderari semper

The two women sat beneath the trees watching the butterflies flitting from flower to flower. Their dark heads were bowed over a shared book and their voices were so quiet that they were lost in the gentle breeze. The green eyed woman hesitantly placed a hand over that of her brown eyed companion. As the other woman smiled, the green eyed one blushed and looked down at the book.

“What would you say if somebody asked about us?” the brown eyed woman said, placing a gentle hand upon the green eyed woman's chin, guiding her eyes up to meet her own. “If some one walked up right now,” she said, “What would you say to them?”

The green eyed woman answered with a touch more ferocity then she had intended. “I'd tell 'em it was none of their damn business,” she said, “And if they gave me grief, I'd let in to 'em for it.” Her brown eyed companion's smile was soft as she reached up and touched the other woman's long hair. Unease prompted the second woman to drop her gaze back to the book.

“Are you ashamed of me?” the first asked. The second looked up, her eyes wide in surprise. She shook her head and worked to find words. Unable to do so, she acted on the first thought that struck her. She leaned forward and caught the first in a sudden kiss. The first woman stiffened in surprise and then relaxed. A hand settled upon the second's right shoulder.

The book lay forgotten between them as they kissed for a dizzyingly long moment. The brown eyed woman broke the kiss with an impish smile. “That doesn't answer my question, love,” she said, laughter and something more sensual in her voice. The green eyed woman looked down at her hand, where it was pressed to the rich, dark earth. Unable to find words, she looked back at her beloved. She moved her hand from the other woman's cheek to settle on her thigh.

The first woman leaned forward and gave another kiss, taking the second into her arms. The second broke the kiss and laid another kiss against the first's cheek. She nuzzled her way against her beloved's neck and placed another upon her throat. Unable to stop herself, the green eyed woman ran her hands up the other's chest in a sudden burst of boldness. She couldn't help the need to feel her skin or to breathe in the scent of her beloved.

As she slipped her hands beneath her beloved's shirt, she smiled. Hands roughened by hard work on the farm were unexpectedly gentle as they glided over silken skin. Lightly, the green eyed woman cupped her lover's breasts and ran her thumbs over her nipples. She grinned as the nipples stiffened beneath her touch. With a feather light touched, she coaxed a sigh of pleasure from her brown eyed darling.

Hands dancing over the other woman's skin, she couldn't help feeling half drunk with excitement. Carried forward on the wave of reckless abandon, she wrapped an arm about the other woman's waist and found her way beneath the rumpled t-shirt. Her mouth closed hotly over the right nipple, making her willing victim gasp in surprise.

She suckled at her lover's breast as the other woman sighed softly. Slowly, they settled against the mossy ground. Busy hands found their way over the shivering woman's body, passing over clothes with an intimacy as potent as if they were not there. Light touches brushed over the dark eyed woman's stomach and along the waist band of her pants.

She attempted to say something but her words were lost as she gave a low moan of pleasure as the cool, slender fingertips of her questing lover found their way beneath her clothes. Delicate touches with the familiarity of having a life time of experience teasing similar anatomy skillfully explored the labia of the trembling woman.

As her fingertips became slick with her beloved's juices, the second woman briefly took her attention away from her lover to look about them. Confident that the high grasses and brush about their hidden bower kept them secure from prying eyes, she slipped her hand out of the other woman's pants. With uncanny speed, she managed to divest the other woman of her pants as she dazedly looked up at her with a gaze fogged with lust.

She pressed a kiss high on the inside of the reclining woman's right thigh. As her mouth closed over her sex with an almost painful softness, the kneeling woman's eyes looked up to her beloved's face. Expression softened with pleasure and lips parted with a small smile, the reclining woman looked utterly enraptured. Slowly, the kneeling woman lapped at her lover, savoring each moment.

As the reclining woman's little gasps and sighs of pleasure came quicker, the kneeling woman became more intent upon her task. Soon, an orgasm shook her. Her hands grasped at the soft moss as the tender ministrations of the mouth were replaced with the more intense sensation of fingers. The kneeling woman slipped her fingertips deep into her lover and relentlessly teased her g-spot. The dark eyed woman wept softly as orgasm after orgasm washed over her.

The kneeling woman noted the way her lover became languid and limp before her. Deciding to coax one final orgasm from her, she reached for the abandoned clothes. Carefully, she helped the dizzy woman into her undergarments and her pants. She then settled down beside her, wrapping a leg possessively about the dazed woman's waist. “Does that answer your question?” she asked with a smile. The dark eyed woman looked over at her, struggling to gather her wits. The green eyed woman placed a fingertip damp with her lover's fluids on her own lips and licked them away with a cat like gesture. The woman in her arms shivered and she gave a husky laugh.

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