Friday, March 8, 2013

Scene: knife play

Steel kisses my skin (ice to fire as it drags and cuts ever so slightly). Blind and bound, I shiver. (Did I push to far this time? Is this too much?) My blood wells up and trickles down my body (hot on my skin). I gasp and try to arch against my bods as the velvet heat of his tongue follows that scarlet ribbon, searing my senses and soothing that biting pain. A firm had at the base of my skull (a fist full of hair, hard and unyeilding) guides my face back and he kisses me.

Is it a hard savage kiss (with a growl of ownership) or a slow seductive one (sweet with blood's iron tang)? The cold blade's flat is pressed against my cut, teasing a few more ruby drops. It is then put to my mouth. I open my mouth (my heart hammering) and lightly lick the precious drops from it. The edge turns and with the greatest of care, I lick the edge breathlessly before it is taken from my mouth

It wanders slowly down my carotid artery, playfully pressed to it for a moment. (Oh gods, my heart nearly stops. This is too much. My body burns with fire.) It then wanders down over my collarbone. It traces lazy spirals and designs over my flesh (a whisper, a threat of more pleasure). A soft chuckles comes from him as I struggle to be still as per the rule of our little game. A mock taunt as it lingers lower, tracing along my hip. An edge (the blade, a fingernail?) teases my clit and I freeze. My heart pounds. I tremble. (The fire beneath my skin becomes incandescent.) I dare not move. Then blinding light bursts behind my eyes and I shudder as I climax again and again, helplessly whimpering.

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