Thursday, January 31, 2013

Scene: willows

I walked along the shoreline, trying to puzzle out what to do with the feelings burning within me. The rhythmic lull of the waves rolling in tried to tease me out of anxiety and into contemplation, but I was distracted. The feel of the wind tugging at my hair, the warmth of the sun, and the bone deep restlessness refused to let me be. Caught with my mind flitting from thing to thing, I came around an outcropping of rock.

There, ahead of me on the path, I found a man. Like myself, he was walking alone. Where my head was up and I was looking at virtually everything, his gaze was focused on the ground. Hands in his pockets, he seemed to silently tell the world to leave him alone. As we walked, I watched him. I couldn't help but admire the strong lines of his body and the smoothness of his motion, both of which belied that he had some measure of grace and strength to him.

As I came up closer to him and began to outpace him, he spoke, “You took your time catching up.” I halted midstep and looked over at him in surprise. He continued to stride forward, saying, “Well, you coming or not?” Curious, I walked beside him. On the grassy knoll above us, we could hear picnickers laughing and enjoying the fine summer afternoon. My skin crawled slightly at the thought of enduring their presence and my unexpected companion quickened his pace.

Soon, we had left the more populated part of the park behind. As we walked, he took one of his broad hands out of his pocket. He simply let it hang at his side in silent invitation. Wordlessly, I took it and we walked a bit slower. “It's been a month now that we've watched each other walking down here,” he said, looking over at me, “That's a long time just to look.”

Unable to help myself, a blush spread across my cheeks as I looked away from his bold gaze. “Come with me,” he said, starting towards a narrow path that rose up the incline and away from the lake. I walked with him, stumbling on some of the stones. He helped me keep my feet as we progressed towards a grove of willows. As I looked about, I realized that we had left the park.

He reached forward and pushed back a curtain of willow withes, stepping aside to let me pass. He gave me a warm smile as he stepped into that shade. As he walked up to me, my heart suddenly felt as though it was in my throat. Lightly, he brushed my hair away from my shoulder.

Gently, he gathered me into his arms. He carefully pressed a kiss against my neck near my right shoulder. Caught in his embrace, I couldn't help a brief wave of dizziness as one of his hands moved down my back. He gave a soft sigh and nuzzled the hollow of my throat. With great care and deliberateness, he brought me down to the ground beneath the green branches of the willow.

His mouth closed over mine as he knelt over me. As we kissed, I reached up and ran my fingers through his hair. I could feel him smile against my mouth as he deepened the kiss and stole my breath. Lightly, he ran his hands down my sides. He slipped them beneath my blouse and reached up to unclasp my bra.

As the catch gave, he smiled again and broke the kiss. He pulled the shirt up and lavished kisses upon my breasts. I shivered and sighed as his warm hands wandered over my torso. He kissed his way down my chest, pausing a moment to press his lips most tenderly over my wildly beating heart.

His hands settled on my hips and he sat back on his heels. With the same relentless gentleness, he unbuttoned my jeans and began to work them off me. He paused to slip the sandals off of my feet, chuckling as I curled my toes. He disrobed me from the waist down, smiling at how I shivered at each touch of his skin against mine.

He ran his hands up my legs, leaning down to take a deep breath close to my sex. I shivered at this and he again gave a soft laugh. He ran his hands over my thighs and then gently pushed my legs apart. Thus bared to him, I felt a sudden rush of maidenly embarressment. I moved to cover myself when he set a hand on my wrist. “Don't,” he said quietly, “Let me look at you.”

He looked down at me and gave a soft noise of satisfaction. “More beautiful then I had imagined,” he said. He leaned forward and placed a kiss on my left hip. His lips slowly made their way down the line of my hipbone until they were near the nexus of my thighs. As he did this, he lightly dragged his fingernails down the outsides of my legs.

When he lightly brush is tongue against my labia, I gasped in surprise. He gave another chuckle before he slipped his hands beneath my ass and lifted my hips slightly. My world condensed itself down to the feeling of his mouth exploring my sex. I gasped and shivered, ensarling my fingers in his hair. Pleasure rolled over me like the distant waves.

When my orgasm happened, I helplessly meweled. With still slower efforts, he dragged it out for what felt like eternity. Tears rolled down from my eyes as a throaty groan escaped me. One hand moved from beneath me to slip a finger and then two deep into me. My eyes opened wide as I spasamed hard with pleasure. With a skilled touch, he drew a second and a third orgasm out of me.

I stared up at him, dazed by how quickly he had accomplished this. He stood up and slipped out of his clothes. As I looked up at him, I realized that I could simply stare at him in this gorgeously naked state for hours. He smiled down at me as he knelt between my legs. He lifted my hips to meet his as he thrust his delightfully erect phallus into me.
As he began to move in and out of me, I shuddered. Thought abandoned me as I clung to him. He held me hard against his chest as we changed position. Straddling his hips with him deep inside me, I couldn't help but moan in pleasure. With an increasingly frantic effort, I rode him. Soon, frustration began to arise as I realized that I hadn't the strength to continue long enough to capture the elusive orgasm that hovered at the edge of my awareness.

His strong hands grasped my hips and he held himself still deep inside me. I squirmed, whimpered, and sobbed, at a loss to form the words I needed to beg for release. He smiled up at me, enjoying the way I writhed against him. Still holding me hard against himself, he quickly rolled us over. Once again on top, he began thrusting quickly and with enough force that it was almost painful.

Undaunted by my small noises of pained pleasure, he became rougher with me. He gripped my wrists and pressed them down hard into the moss at either side of my head. I felt my heart hammering as though it was going to burst out of my chest. I tossed my head, frantically mewling and gasping. My fourth orgasm built slowly and with an almost blinding force. As it drew closer, it felt as though every inch of my body had been slowly set aflame.

I threw my head back and arched my back, desperate to feel more of his body against mine. Then the world went white and everything seemed to burst into stars. Pleasure shot through me and I took a deep breath in. As the sense of pressure within built to painful levels, I gave a scream. A wordless, deafening shriek of pleasure as the orgasm rocked me. Time ceased to exist, all there was for me was blinding pleasure and a feeling as though all that I was were bursting. Mindlessly, I continued to scream with the primal sensations until he had finished.

Before unconsciousness overtook me, he smiled down at me and placed a kiss on my forehead. Where I lacked the strength to scream, I gave a low moan as a weaker orgasm rolled through me at that delicate sensation.

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