Friday, October 12, 2012

Scene: Feeding

He sat at the bar bored. His day had been long and filled with mindless details. He was dreading going into work the next day to the same mind numbing, soul crushing business. He stared at his drink. The ice had melted significantly into the alcohol, forming a thin layer of water in the beverage. He considered just drinking the whole thing in one shot and leaving for home. It had been a rotten day and he saw no signs of it improving.

A woman wove her way through the press to the bar and took the only free seat. He looked over in mild curiosity as she leaned forward and flagged down the bartender. Her dark hair was pulled back into a severe looking bun and long earrings dangled against her neck. Dressed in a suit nearly as nondescript as his own, she managed to look enticing. He wasn't sure if it was the way her slacks hugged her hips or how the unbuttoned jacket fell open enough to reveal her low cut blouse and a hint of cleavage. Something however, set her apart from the other office workers that crowded in for 'happy hour'.

She order whiskey neat and he arched an eyebrow. It wasn't a typical drink for a woman to order. As the bartender put her drink down, she looked over at him. The look wasn't challenging but it wasn't one that told him to leave her alone. Instead, she offered her hand and said in her dulcet tones, “Hi, Maria Saint Claire. And you are?”

He blinked. “Mark,” he answered, “Mark Smythe.” She nodded and picked up her drink. She threw back the shot like it was a thimble of water and set it down on the bar. She tapped the up ended shot glass and the bartender poured her another. “I haven't seen you here before,” he said, praying that his words didn't come off as lame as they sounded to himself.

“I usually show up as you're leaving. We pass each other at the door most nights,” she said, pointing at him with one elegant finger as she held the shot glass. “You, Mr. Smythe, are a miserable man.” His eyes widened and he stared at her in shock as she continued. “I have a proposition for you,” she said, “And I believe that you will find it most agreeable. I have seen the way you have been getting crushed by that middle management position and I have a solution.” She threw back her second shot and up ended the glass beside the other. She tapped the bar and the bartender gave her a glass of water.

She drank the water, watching him out of the corner of her eye. He looked confused and uncomfortable. She smiled as she set the glass down. It was a wicked smirk, one that gave her an cat like air of playful malice. She turned her attention back to him. “I don't see what you have to offer,” he said. She set her fingertips on the back of his wrist and he was surprised by how cold they were. He was also surprised by the almost electric quality of her touch.

Some where, at the back of his mind, something was insisting this was a bad idea. She leaned forward towards him as he looked away hastly at his glass. Her lips brushed his ear as she said in a voice rich with promise, “I'm offering you passion.” He picked up his drink and took a swallow, striving to master the sudden response he had to her. She breathes softly in his ear and the anxious thought that he was on the verge of something truly horrible passed into silence. He set his glass down. “Come with me,” she whispered.

She stood and fished a bill out of her cleavage. Setting the twenty down on the bar, she offered her hand. Mark cautiously took it and her electric touch sent another thrill through him. They made their way through the crowd to the backroom. The large man standing near the door straightened to attention when he saw Maria. She walked boldly forward, pulling Mark along behind her as the burly, tattooed giant opened the door. The room they walked into was curiously empty given how crowded the bar was.
She pulled him over to a leather sofa and gave him that wicked grin again. He looked around the room and didn't notice anyone else. With a playful push, she made him sit down. Mark looked up at her as she straddled his knees. If nothing else, her pert breasts were tantalizingly close. He was seized with the urge to suckle one of them, unable to keep the mental image of her nude chest out. He reached up as Maria reached down to her blouse.

She swatted his hand with a single sharp motion before unbuttoning her blouse. With a flick of her fingertips, she unclasped the front of her bra and Mark's curiosity was sated. Her skin was white and surprisingly cool as he reached up and touched her chest. She settled into his lap, pushing her breasts into his face. Mark took a deep breath. He could smell her perfume and something earthy beneath it. Something was missing, but he couldn't figure it out as lust crowded out logical thought.

He closed his mouth over her right breast, wrapping his arms around her as he did so. Her cool fingers ran through is hair as he groaned. Maria ground her hips against his, giving a low, sensual chuckle as she rubbed against his erection. He stopped suckling her breast and ran his tongue over the lower curve of her breast. She gave a delicate shiver and made a noise of pleasure. As he slipped his hands beneath her shirt, she gave another erotic little laugh.

Maria slipped out of his arms to stretch out beside him on the couch. Mark made a stifled noise of frustration and turned to face her. She sat up and pulled his face to hers. As she leaned back and pulled Mark to lie over her, she kissed him. After a long moment, he began to become breathless and attempted to pull out of her arms. For a moment, her grip tightened and lust briefly turned to panic. She then let him lean back.

She wrapped a leg around his hips even as her arms wrapped around his chest. He looked down at her, expecting to see her face soft and yeilding. Instead he saw that playful, catlike smirk. “Where you going, lover?” she purred as he tried to push himself off her. “Come back here,” she said, pulling him back down against her. Mark groaned as she squirmed beneath him, soft and inviting in all the right ways.

She buried her face in the hollow of his shoulder, giving a sigh after taking in a deep breath. “Mmm,” she whispered in his ear, “You smell so good.” He rolled his eyes and shuddered in pleasure. Holding him tightly against herself, she rocked her hips against his rhythmically. He groaned, aching with need. Her lips were soft against his throat and then her teeth were there.

He felt a brief moment of pain as she bit him and then pleasure washed over him. He cried out and arched, and yet she still held him against her. Her mouth suckled the wound in his neck, her tounge teasing and caressing it as he had considered doing to her labia. He made a liquid noise of pleasure and shuddered as his strength began to wane. His body felt as though every inch was in her mouth and being caressed with her surprisingly warm tongue.

His erection became nigh on painful and then the first orgasm hit him. Mark made a strangled noise as phantom touches teased and cradled his aching balls. He became confused, some how feeling her hands all over him even as she held him tightly. Phantom touches tickled, teased, and scratched at him in all the ways that he loved. He thrashed in her unnaturally powerful grip, almost looking as though he was seizing as successive orgasms rolled over him, driving him deeper into the pleasurable trance she had enveloped him in. “Oh...” he gasped, “oh god...”

He shuddered and twitched as the supernatural force of her grip held him still. Blinded by the force of pleasure, helpless in her arms, Mark whimpered as she dragged her tongue over the wound. Woozy and weak, he set his head on her chest. He briefly looked up at her face and was confused by how she could have had lipstick on her chin and how wet it looked. As unconsciousness dragged him down into darkness, she slipped out from beneath him, warmer. Maria buttoned her shirt, and readjusted her clothes before grabbing a blanket off a nearby chair and throwing it over her victim. She wiped the droplet of blood off her chin and sucked it off her fingertip as a figure stepped forward out of the shadows. “You just couldn't help yourself, could you?” they said. The vampiress looked over at her companion and gave a wicked grin.

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