Monday, September 24, 2012

Scene: Office

He walked into the office to find her sitting in his chair with her feet propped up on his desk. Idly toying with the letter opener, she watched him with a smirk. Her heels clicked on the wooden floor as she set her feet down and swiveled to face him more directly. "I thought that I'd come talk to you about that proposal that came up in the meeting this morning," she said, her smirk becoming increasingly wicked.

He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the doorjamb. "Is that so?" he replied, keeping his expression neutral as he realized that she had unbuttoned several buttons on her blouse. While there had been moments where she had flirted with him on the sly, this more aggressive approach was definitely intriguing. "And you are sitting in my chair because...?" he said, mentally noting that she had picked the time to 'talk' a few hours after the last diehard in the office had left.

"It's comfortable," she answered, standing up and walking around the desk. She pressed the tip of the letter opener against her left index finger as she walked up to him. As she approached, she looked him over from head to toe. She looked thoughtfully at the letter opener as she stopped in front of him. As she looked up from the miniature samurai sword, she smirked again. "It's important to be ... comfortable, yes?" she said.

"So, what exactly did you want to talk about?" he asked, stepping away from the door and moving past her. As he walked, he slipped off his suit jacket. Looking out the window, he could see her reflection as she shut the door into the office. He turned on his desk lamp as she turned off the overhead lights. As he sat down in the chair, she walked across the room, tapping the letter opener lightly against her chin.

As she set it down on his desk, he reached forward and covered her hand with his. He kept is expression sober, though the thought of ripping her clothes off was becoming increasingly hard to resist. He let his gaze linger on the peek of her bra that was visible down her open blouse. She leaned forward. Her face just a hairsbreadth away from his, she took in a slow breath.

He wanted to bury his face in the hollow of her throat and breathe in the intoxicating mix of her perfume and her scent. His hands itched to grab her hair and drag her into a kiss. As she spoke in a breathy whisper, his erection throbbed and ached, straining against his clothes, "You. I want to talk about you." She leaned back away from him, her wicked smirk back and her gaze hungry. She moved to pull her hand out from beneath his, when he took hold of her wrist.

"Then talk," he said, his voice sounding more serious then he had intended. His lap hidden beneath the desk, she couldn't gauge fully his response. The intensity in his gaze gave her pause for a moment. She suddenly questioned if attempting to seduce him was a very, very bad idea. That falter and brief moment of insecurity, of fear, widened her eyes and revealed something vulnerable. Then he began to smile.

It spread slowly across his face and the simmering sexual tension between them heightened dramatically. "I don't think you came here to talk," he said, "If you did, you wouldn't have locked the door. And your shirt..." His free hand came up and traced the open collar of her blouse. "Well, it wouldn't be unbuttoned, now would it?" he said conversationally.

At his light touch, she gave a small gasp as her eyes fluttered closed. He let go of her hand and leaned back. He noticed how she ever so slightly leaned towards him as he took his hand away from her. She walked around the edge of the desk, attempting to recapture the upper hand by letting down her hair. He pushed his chair back and turned to face her. As she stepped up close to him, his expression turned more serious for a moment.

She paused. That was when he decided the moment was ripe. He reached up and took hold of the neckline of her blouse and pulled the fabric apart. The buttons popped off as he pulled and then shoved it partially down her arms. As she froze in shock, he picked up the letter opener and ran it lightly down along one of the straps of her bra. She gave a soft little moan as he slipped the tip under the elastic.

"One thing to remember about knives," he said, looking up into her face as she blinked slowly, "They're usually sharp." She looked confused and then shocked as he turned the letter opener and the strap parted before it. He cut the other strap and then slid the letter opener carefully between her breasts. "Don't move," he said firmly before cutting the band. As the bra fell off of her, he ran the unsharpened edge of the blade beneath the curve of one of her breasts. She gave a shuddering gasp, her eyes rolled in pleasure, and his smile turned into a grin.

He enjoyed the way her expression softened and became more yielding as he teased her with the letter opener. He liked how her nipples stood out and the way she struggled to restrain the tiny shivers that went through her as he moved the blade. He set the letter opener on the desk and sat forward. Wrapping an arm about her waist, he pulled her close and closed his mouth over her right breast. She sighed and started to attempt to shrug out of her shirt when he gripped the fabric in his fist.

He gave a low growl as she started to step back, wrapping his other arm around her waist. He reached up, grabbed a fistful of her long hair and pulled her head back as she yelped in surprise. She began to struggle a bit as he bit her again. He pulled harder on her hair, lifting his head to watch as she staggered and then fell to her knees. He let go of the ruined shirt and gripped her hair at the back of her head.

Her eyes stared at him in a heady mix of fear and lust. He pulled her hair again, pulling her head back enough that she arched her back. The bite marks on her breast stood out livid against her pale skin. With his freehand, he unzipped his pants and pulled his aching erection out. He let go of her head and she looked at him. As her gaze fell on his erection, he noticed that lust overrode any fear that was there.

She looked up at him as she gently closed her mouth over the head of his member. Slowly, she took him deep into her throat, closing her eyes as she did so. He put a hand at the back of her head, holding her still, savoring the warmth of her mouth. He moved his hand after a long moment. She pulled her head back, inhaling as she did so. Making a point to time her motion with her breathing, she managed to last for a few minutes in her languid and sensual blow job.

His hands resting on the arms of the chair and his head resting against the back, she had a moment where she thought that perhaps she could take the upper hand in their little game. She slipped her mouth off his rock hard cock and leaned back away. In a warning tone, he said, "I didn't tell you to stop." When she didn't resume, he opened his eyes and looked down at her.

His expression turned deceptively still when he saw the defiant flash in her eyes. He reached forward and took hold of her throat. The defiance vanished and horror replaced it as he slowly applied pressure. Her eyes darted around the room before locking with his. Then he saw the reason for her horrified response. As he gradually increased the pressure on her throat, the lust in her eyes grew. He stopped as her face began to flush. She began to panic, mentally and physically flailing as she began to see stars.

He let go with a shove, grinning as she fell backwards onto the floor. "You liked that, did you?" he said, menace and amusement in his voice. She began to scramble backwards, struggling to free herself from the ruined shirt constraining her arms as he stood. He stepped out of his pants as she was distracted by her shirt. He pounced on her like a cat seizing a mouse, knocking her back to the floor hard enough that her head bounced.

She gave a cry of pain that was quickly muffled by a hard kiss as his hands roughly gripped her hips. Her hands beat feebly at his chest in token resistance even as her thighs parted as he pressed his knee between her legs. He slipped his fingers into the waistband of her skirt, grinning as he discovered elastic. He leaned back, roughly pulling the skirt down her legs. He gave a chuckle when he discovered that aside from a garter belt and thigh high stockings, she was nude beneath the skirt and silky slip he pulled off her.

He threw the skirt aside as he slid forward. Settling his willing victim's legs against his chest, he brought her hips up to meet his. With another chuckle, he teased her labia with the head of his erection. She squirmed and shuddered, sighing. Fooled into thinking he was going to be more gentle, she relaxed and moaned softly. He then pushed two fingers deep into her warm, wet pussy. Surprised by the sudden penetration, she was tight and grew even tighter as she cried out and moved to squirm away from him.

He made a come hither gesture with his fingers, pressing hard against her g-spot. Again she made a noise of surprise.  Abruptly, he pulled his fingers out of her and slapped her across the face. She meweled and shuddered, so he slapped her again. He watched as she arched and gave a choked groan as an orgasm rolled over her. "You want me to hurt you," he said quietly, "Don't you?"

She opened her eyes and stared at him. Her legs spread wide and inviting were an entertaining juxtaposition to the horror that washed over her face. Her eyes were a contradiction of begging for more and terror of what that more would be. He reached forward and she cringed away. He cupped her chin in the palm of his hand, lightly running a thumb over her lips. She shivered and stared at him with that erotic, pleading look. "Say it," he prompted, "Admit it. And I'll give it to you."

Her eyes rolled. He moved his hand down to settle on her throat. He looked expectantly down at her. "I... I can't..." she started and he gave her throat a quick squeeze. She gasped and shivered. He leaned forward, pressing his face against hers, cheek to cheek. She began to breathe faster and tremble beneath him, her eyes rolling as his breath curled against her ear.

"Do you want more?" he breathed into her ear, enjoying the way she squirmed. "Just say yes," he whispered, "Say yes and I'll give it to you." She moaned weakly. He could feel the tension in her body beneath him. He knew she was resisting but he also knew he could still tempt her. He ground his hips against hers, making a noise of pleasure as his throbbing erection rubbed against her soft labia. At his soft groan, she sighed and squirmed.

"Oh god," she whimpered.

"I can do this to you all night. It's Friday," he whispered, "No one's going to be here until Monday morning. I'll get what I want, but you..." She whimpered again. "You won't get anything more," he added, amusement and predatory menace making his voice as intoxicating to her as the forbidden pleasure of his harshness. "Just say yes," he urged.

He pushed up onto his arms and looked down at her. Her cheeks were pink where he had slapped her, like a blush. Looming over her, his gaze held a terrible promise. She stared up at him and licked her lips. If he hadn't been looking, he had missed her tiny nod of assent. "No one can know," she finally whispered, her voice edged with fear. He smiled evilly. At his smile her eyes went wide again in sudden anxiety. "Oh god," she whispered, her voice filled with dread.

"God won't save you from me," he grinned. He lightly ran a fingertip down her cheek, enjoying the way her mouth fell open with a little moan as he traced the edges of the handprint on her face. He abruptly stood up and unbuttoned his shirt. She sat up as he walked back to the desk. She warily watched him as he picked up the letter opener. He looked over his shoulder at her, a thoughtful expression on his face.

He turned, tapping the blunt edge against his palm. He walked towards her as she sat up. Still tapping the letter opener against his hand, he walked slowly around her, sizing her up and deciding what he would do first. "Stand up," he said, his words ringing with authority. She slowly began to rise from the floor. He reached down and gripped her hair at the back of her head and pulled her yelping to her feet. She reached up, vainly attempting to get him to let go of her hair.

Then the letter opener was at her throat. She froze, her eyes the size of dinner plates and gasped. "There are rules to this game," he said, lightly gliding the sharpened edge against her skin as she trembled, scarcely daring to breathe. "Rule number one," he said, letting go of her hair, "You don't get to fight me." He stepped in front of her, changing his grip on the letter opener to his dominant hand. "Rule number two," he continued, "You are going to do exactly what I say." He flipped the letter opener over in his hand, pressing the blunt edge hard against her throat. She started to take a step back and then stopped.

He took the letter opener from her throat and lightly tapped the flat of it against her cheek. "Good," he said, his tone warm with praise. She blinked in confusion and tensed, struggling with the urge to retreat back away from him as another unfamiliar surge of arousal rose. He took a step forward. Wrapping his arm around her shoulders so that the hilt of the mini samurai sword pressed into her back, he held her firmly against himself.

She winced and squirmed. His free hand settled on her hip. "Hold still," he said. Slowly, he turned the letter opener until the sharpened edge was pressed to her shoulder. As he carefully and deliberately dragged it down her shoulder, she stiffened as a shocked and pained yelp escaped her. Blood began to well up where the shallow cut made its way down her back. He pulled the letter opener across her back, scoring another line in her skin.

Again she cried out, her voice a little louder and more breathy. Her head lolled back as he wrapped his arm around her waist. He pulled her face to his and kissed her hard, bruising her lips with the force of it. He broke the kiss and buried his face in her shoulder. As he bit her, she cried out and attempted to step back out of reflex. He stepped forward, forcing her back a pace.

He slapped the flat of the letter opener against the top of her ass. She yelped. As he forced her back another step, he bit her neck and dropped the letter opener to the side. Her self control shattered and she pushed against his chest. Waiting for this moment, he lifted his head and gripped her shoulders. He quickly forced her back a few more steps into the wall. Her head struck it and her eyes rolled even as she made a pained whimper.

She attempted to twist out of his grip and he shoved her into the wall again, growling softly. "I... I can't..." she wailed and he suddenly let go of her arms. His hand crashed against her cheek with what she found to be shocking force and she staggered. Her mouth was open in a small 'o' of surprise and her eyes were closed as she shivered.  He took hold of her shoulders and roughly turned her around as she reeled.

Pinning her against the wall, he dipped his head. Slowly, he ran his tongue the bloody line across her right shoulderblade. She shuddered, her hands clawing at the wall. He reached up and took her wrists in hand. In a smooth motion, he brought them behind her back and put her into a painful shoulder lock. "Oh..." she cried, tears welling up in her eyes. He straightened and gripped her around the neck with his free hand, forcing her back against the shoulder lock. Her fearful whimper stoked his hunger.

The taste of her blood on his lips, he decided he wanted to make her scream. He let go of her neck and dragged her back a few steps. Again, he turned her around suddenly, enjoying the way she stumbled in her disorientation, her arms reaching out in a desperate attempt to stabilize herself on her heels. He hooked her ankle with his foot and swept her feet out from beneath her. She gave a small shriek of surprise and it whet his appetite. He dropped to his knee and she moved to scramble back away from him as he picked up the letter opener.

She stared at him, curling her legs up and crossing her arms protectively over her breasts. "No, no, no, no, no," she babbled as he grabbed hold of one of her ankles. With a mighty pull, he dragged her forward and knocked her to her back. He glided the letter opener up the inside of her leg, noting how she relaxed despite herself and the softness that came over her expression even as she stared at him in horror. He slowed his motion up her leg, watching as her eyes rolled and she arched slightly.

"Oh god," she wailed as he moved the letter opener along the inside of her thigh, "Please... please..." she whimpered, sounding confused. She lay before him shivering and panting as he lifted the letter opener away. He spread her legs, taking in a deep breath of the scent of her sex. As he breathed against her, she moaned. Then he lightly dragged the flat of the letter opener over her clit. She gasped and froze as though someone had thrown ice water onto her. Carefully, he teased her labia with the tip of the letter opener, gradually working his way to the inner labia.

As he did so, she began to breathe faster and make small noises. The moment the tip of the letter opener touched the velvet folds of her inner labia, she gasped and shuddered hard with an orgasm. Slowly, he parted her labia and teased her with the cold steel. Her gasps gave way too loud moans as she spread her legs wider apart. Her back arched and she panted hard as another hard orgasm rocked her. He put the letter opener aside and slid his fingers deep into her.

Rubbing hard against her g-spot, he drew a small shriek of pleasure out of her. Mercilessly, he brought her to the edge of orgasm and stopped, making her weep. Her hands clawed at her breasts as she writhed for him. Her heels tapped against the floor to either side of his thighs as she flailed, getting louder in her moans and groans. He pulled her hips up to his and slid deeply into her. As he began to ride her hard, she wrapped her legs around him.

Holding her wrists down against the floor as he held himself up, he watched her face. He could feel her shuddering with her orgasms as he thrust deep into her. She arched beneath him, desperately attempting to press her breasts against his bare chest. Animalistic sounds came from her as she tossed her head wildly. Somewhere in the midst of her cries, she began to weep again. She flailed beneath him, driven wild with lust and desperately attempting to pull her arms free from his grip.

Her flailing stopped as she threw her head back and she arched with a particularly hard orgasm. In that moment, she gave a throaty scream of pure pleasure. She did it again, her hands grasping at the air, her whole body shuddering hard. She took a deep breath in and gave a third, keening cry as he slaked his lust between her thighs.

As his orgasm broke, she had her fourth hard orgasm. Her voice ringing in his ears, he spent himself deep inside her. As he stopped, she squirmed beneath him. He leaned back and gave her a final hard slap across the face. She shuddered and groaned, eyes rolling. As she fell still, he looked down at her. With a small, dark smile, he dressed and waited for his willing victim to wake. As he waited, he planned what they'd do next. He had decided to lead her down the labyrinthine and draw out more dark pleasures.

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