Tuesday, September 25, 2012

scene: assault

She held a hand over her head in an attempt to keep the rain off her face as she stepped out of the building. Doing her best to keep an air of confidence, she walked towards the parking lot. In the dim light of the broken streetlamp, a pair of eyes watched her as they had done for weeks. As she walked up to her car, the man came forward out of the shadows at a quick pace.

A hand reached forward and grabbed her shoulder. She moved to pull herself free when he leaned forward and gripped her around the waist with his other arm. She gave an angry shriek as he dragged her back. Kicking and flailing, she attempted to break free, losing a shoe in the process. He turned and used his momentum to throw her to the ground.

Her head struck the pavement hard enough that she saw stars. Her purse flew away from her and for a moment she hoped that he'd just take it and run. Then the man standing over her leaned down, grabbing at her throat. She gave a throaty scream, beating at his wrist and kicking like a wild horse. He expertly applied pressure to her throat, replacing her screaming with a wide eyed gasp of terror.

As he loomed over her, she looked about herself in some desperate hope for aid. In a sudden burst of courage, she slapped him across the face as he leaned close. He squeezed harder and she took a desperate breath in. Her eyes rolled in terror as his shadowed visage drew close to her. A tongue licked the tears rolling down as she said, "Oh god. Stop. Please... just stop. Let me go."

His voice was harsh in her ear as he growled, "Shut up." He looked quickly around them as she silently prayed that someone, anyone would see them and come to her aid. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and dragged her to her feet. He took her left wrist and twisted it up behind her back, putting her into a lock. He forced her ahead of him, shrugging his hoodie farther up over his face. She looked back at him, her face white with fear. When they reached a battered looking van, she had another burst of desperation.

She attempted to dig her feet in and resist him as he pushed her forward. She managed to twist herself free from his shoulder lock when he suddenly yanked her back as she attempted to bolt. She slammed into the side of the van, staggering after the initial impact. He backhanded her hard enough to drive her to her knees with a cry. He opened the door and shoved her in before slamming it shut. She frantically scrambled to the front, reaching to open a door when it flew open before her.

He looked up at her as she retreated before him. The dome light of the van clicked off as he got in and slammed the door. He picked up the roll of duct tape that sat on the seat as he made his way into the back of the van. She pulled desperately on the door handle, only to have him grab her from behind again. He threw her to the floor of the van and put a knee on her chest. She flailed as he ripped of a piece of tape and put it over her mouth. He then mercilessly bound her wrists and ankles despite her struggles.

Thus restrained, she lay helplessly on the floor of the van as he made his way to the driver's seat. She sobbed as she failed to free her wrists as the van began to move. Laying on her side, she tried not to think about what ever was going to happen next. She could hear miscellaneous items rolling around in the back of the van with her. She gave a pained noise as an aluminum baseball bat bounced across the back of the van and into her chest as he took a hard turn.

When they finally stopped, she had curled herself up into a ball in the back of the van. Her face was wet with tears and snot. She was shaking with terror as he got out of the van. When he opened the door to the back of the van, she cringed away from him. She looked past him and realized that they were somewhere unfamiliar. Rows of storage lockers awaited behind some shoddy chainlink fencing. He picked her up, carrying her on his shoulder, and pulled a key out of his pocket.

He unlocked the padlock on the gate and opened it. As he walked in, she raised her head and looked desperately towards the road. No signs of life before them, she sobbed harder. He put her down on the cold, damp concrete before turning and locking the padlock. Leaving her alone in the darkness, he walked towards one of the sheds. The cough of a generator starting sounded and she looked over. After what felt to be an eternity, he walked back over and with a grunt, he picked her up again.

She blinked at the sudden brilliance of the lights in the small space, giving a whimper. He put her into a hard chair with arms on it. As he turned away to the workbench nearby, she looked around the room. An array of dire looking items sat on the bench, some looking familiar like the butcher's knife, and some looking horrifyingly threatening, like the whip coiled beside it. On the wall above the workbench, she saw a series of photographs. At first, her mind wouldn't make sense of what she was seeing and then it crystallized, they were all photos of her.

Her blood ran cold as she realized that the photos were from various parts of her daily routine and different locations she frequented around the city. The sheer volume of photographs told her that he had been stalking her for quite some time. She looked from the photographs to the mattress laying on the floor and a second workbench along the other wall. Straps lay tangled on it that he was attending to neatening after he shut the door and barred it. After a long moment, he turned to the first workbench.

He picked up the butcher's knife and her eyes widened as the blood drained out of her face. The hood of his jacket fell back as he turned and she got her first clear view of his face. Blue eyes glittered like sapphires, hard and unrelenting, as he looked at her. Hunger burned in his gaze and she cringed away from him. Full lips curved into a cupid's bow of what almost looked to be amusement, if his gaze wasn't so emotionless. "Don't move," he said as she desperately tried to think of where she had seen him before.

He put the edge of the knife against her throat and she closed her eyes with a frightened sob. The cold steel glided over her wildly throbbing pulse, moving up until the tip was just below her ear. Slowly, it moved down her neck until the tip was just under the neckline of her blouse. Just barely brushing her skin, he made the slow circuit up and down her throat. He lifted the knife away from her throat and she opened her eyes.

She looked tearfully up at him, not daring to move or make a sound as he looked down at her with the knife in hand. He set it back on the bench before picking up a pair of handcuffs. He snapped one end onto the left arm of the chair. He picked up the knife again and she cringed away from him. Slipping the tip beneath the edge of the duct tape restraining her wrists, he noticed how she trembled. He cut the tape and dropped the knife, quickly grabbing her left wrist and slamming it down on the arm of the chair.

As she tried to pull it out of his grip, he snapped the free end of the handcuff about her wrist and cinched it down. He picked up the butcher's knife and pointed it at her. She froze, watching him as he turned and took the second set of handcuffs in hand. He secured his victim's right wrist to the right arm of the chair. He put the knife aside and picked up a pair of scissors.

As he walked up to her, she gave a muffled scream and struggled against her restraints. His hand crashed into her face, stilling her and leaving her shivering. He slipped the scissors under the neckline of her shirt and began to cut the fabric off her. When he was finished, she was nude from the waist up. He leaned down and pressed his face against her neck. As he moved his head to put his lips by her ear, he took in a deep breath, putting a shudder through her.

Quietly he whispered, "We're going to play a game. If you're good, you'll get to walk out of here. If you're bad, I'll punish you. Either way, you're going to scream for me." Softly, she began to weep again. He put his hands on her forearms, caressing lightly from her elbows to her wrists. He looked down at her breasts, noting how fear and the chill in the room combined to make her nipples stand at attention. He smiled. "I know you," he said, "every last little dark secret. Every line you've written in your journals. I know everything."

His breath curled hot against her neck, arousing her even as she rolled her eyes in terror. He smiled before burying his face in the hollow of her neck. He bared his teeth and nipped at her tender flesh as she tried to pull away from him. His large, warm hands slid up her arms to her shoulders. With a lover's gentleness, he caressed her. He ran his hands over her chest, toying with her breasts even as he kissed and nipped his way along her shoulders. As his relentless, skilled manipulation of her body left her in a confused state. A part of her was desperately afraid as another was growing soft and hungry for more.

He closed his mouth gently over her left breast. His tongue moved in lazy circles about her nipple, drawing a moan from his prisoner. His hands danced lightly along her sides, making her squirm and whimper. The faint note of fear in her whimpering was fading as he continued his gentle assault on her senses. He pressed his cheek to her thigh, taking in a deep breath, closing his eyes and savoring the smell of her sex through the fabric of her skirt. He slipped his hands up under the hem of the skirt and she began to pull at the restraints again, fear rising up and washing away arousal.

He looked up at her, the horrible emptiness in his eyes replaced with an equally distressing hunger. She kicked her legs out, catching him in the upper thigh with her bound ankles. He reached up as he rose up from his knees into a half crouch, closing his left hand about her throat. She gasped and went incredibly still. Hunger and the emptiness mingled together in his gaze as he looked at her. Slowly, he began to squeeze.

She tossed her head and struggled to pull her wrists free, giving a muffled scream of terror, convinced he was going to kill her. The world began to go gray and her screams gave way to sobs. The fight eased out of her as unconsciousness rolled over her. Her last waking thought was her utter certainty that she was as good as dead.

When she woke, she was flat on her back on the rough wooden worktable. Her wrists and ankles were strapped down. The world felt terribly cold, and that was when she realized that she was naked. She lifted her head and looked about the room, discovering that the bare bulb that lit the room was out. Plunged into utter darkness, naked, cold, and alone, she began to weep with fear again.

The door of the storage unit rattled as he unlocked it. He walked in, the wan light of the moon making him look even more ominous then he had in the shadows earlier. He set a small electric heater down beside the chair she had been in earlier. He flipped on the light switch before locking and barring the door into the unit. He turned to the worktable beside him and picked up what seemed to be a mass of wires attached to a box with electrodes hanging off it.

He walked over and set the box down beside her right hip and began applying electrodes to her. He picked up the power cord and plugged it into the extension cord laying on the floor. With that empty look, he powered the device on, ignoring her fearful crying. He turned a few dials and adjusted the settings to his liking. He then flicked a switch. Her world turned white with pain as the TENS unit made several of her major muscle groups knot painfully. She screamed and writhed, attempting to rip herself free of the leather bonds.

He watched her thrash and looked down at the TENS unit. Seconds ticked by until the first minute was done. Her screaming dropped down to sobbing as the unit complied with the program and dropped the intensity. This lasted for a few seconds before restoring the crippling pressure into her limbs. After five minutes of this, the unit switched off. She cringed as his hand went near the switch that powered the unit, expecting him to turn it on again. “Are you going to behave?” he said. Tearful, she nodded her head, her eyes begging him not to do more. “If that's a lie, you will get it again, twice as long.” Her eyes widened. “You're not lying to me, are you?” he asked. She shook her head.

Leaving the electrodes on her, he began to run his hands over her legs. Hunger began to show in his eyes again and he slipped a hand between her thighs. Gently, he tickled her labia, noting that fear left her dry. After a few moments of flicking her clit with a fingertip, he decided that he wanted to touch her inside. He lifted his hand away and walked over to the other table. The sharp scent of hand sanitizer wafted in the air as he stood with his back to her. He turned around, a bottle of lubricant in his hand.

He dropped a few fat drips onto his fingertips before he set the bottle down beside the TENS unit. He placed one hand on her abdomen before sliding his fingers deep into her. She tensed and would have jumped off the table if it weren't for the restraints. Slowly and firmly, he rubbed the inside of her vagina, paying special attention to the g-spot. After a while, his victim's fearful whimpers began to become replaced with sensual moans

As her juices began to flow, the rich scent of her sex tickled his nose. He dipped his head and took another deep breath in, making her gasp. Tension began to build in her thighs and she began to breathe faster. Deciding that she was aroused enough, he pulled his fingers out of her and brushed them on her thigh. Despite herself, she moaned for more and he smiled. As he turned away, she watched him, desperately attempting to figure out where she had seen him before.

He picked up a wide wooden spoon and turned it over in his hands before setting it aside. He picked up a black matte item, keeping it carefully out of her sight as he walked over. He turned on the vibrator and slipped it in her. She arched and flailed at the sudden violation. Holding it in her as she thrashed, he reached over with his free hand, turning on the TENS unit. She screamed and sobbed, blinded by the pain of her muscles knotting themselves up tightly. As she writhed, he moved the toy in and out of her. He noted how the dildo became even slicker, though his victim was in horrific pain.

The TENS unit cycled through the program and he continued to stimulate her. When it turned off, the slightest motion of the dildo shot through her and she arched suddenly. Her eyes were wide and staring up at the roof of the unit with shock. Slowly, he pushed her to the edge of climax, noting with satisfaction how her eyes rolled and she shuddered with pleasure with each thrust of the toy. When he stopped, she gave a muffled groan of frustration and confusion. He took the toy away and then disconnected the TENS unit. Each brush of his fingertips against her skin, his victim shivered.

He unsecured her ankles and she stared at him, dreading what he was going to do next. When he released her wrists, she lay still before him, to afraid to do anything else and convinced that he had something worse then the TENS unit waiting if she did. “Up,” he commanded. She sat up and he took hold of her left wrist. Half dragging her off the workbench, he guided her over to the wall farthest from the door. There, a pair of handcuffs were secured to a steel shackle spot welded to the iron support. He moved to secure her wrist and she hesitated to comply. “Do you want more?” he said quietly, “Because I have hours of power available.” She froze and looked at him.

He secured her wrists above her head, her back facing him. He walked about the edge of the mattress that she stood on. He picked up the whip on the workbench by the chair and turned to face her. The single tail cracked like thunder and she screamed in terror. Again, he cracked the whip, not making contact but letting her feel the air disturbed by it's passing. Again, she screamed and tried to press herself to the cold metal wall to avoid the lashes.

He brought the whip down in a sharp blow to her shoulders, giving a soft grunt with the effort. As the lash sent a line of burning fire through her senses, she twisted in her restraints. Again he struck her with the whip and again she tried to squirm out of her imprisonment. He painted more scarlet stripes across her white flesh, smiling at how she eventually gave up trying to escape and just sagged, her head bowed in defeat. He put the whip aside and walked up to her.

He breathed softly over the mark immediately before him. She shuddered and moaned. With a silken touch, he teased her angry, raw back. Soon, she arched and wept in unwilling pleasure. As he wrung noises of pleasure out of her, he let his hands move around to her front. He pressed himself against her back as he smoothed a hand over her abdomen.

Her head lolled back, eyes rolling. He bit her throat, gripping her hard in his arms. She shivered. As a hand moved to her sex, he put his lips close to her ear. “Sing for me, little bird,” he said. Her eyes flew open and she abruptly stiffened, all relaxation that had come with arousal chased away by her realization who he was. She suddenly began to pull against the restraints in a burst of terror. The man that she had been corresponding with on a dating website, the one that she had decided that morning to stop talking to because he was becoming disturbingly insistent on talking sex, was none other then her captor.

His calling her 'little bird' was a direct reference to a more explicit conversation that they had. She threw her head back as she flailed. He gave a dark little chuckle and pressed her hard against the wall. “Oh no,” he said in rich amusement, “the cat has caught you, little bird. You're not going anywhere.” He dragged his nails along her sides, digging into her skin. “Now, you're going to sing for me,” he purred. He reached up and ripped the tape off of her mouth. Incoherent words tumbled out of her mouth as he pulled her head back.

He wrapped an arm around her waist and buried his right hand in her sex. His clever fingers brought her to a sudden climax as she clawed at the air. He wrenched a second and a third orgasm out of her, stopping when she was on the edge of another. She weakly pulled on the restraints, confused, frightened, and painfully aroused. He stepped away and picked up the wooden spoon he had eyed earlier.

The sharp smack of the spoon hitting her ass sent a shudder through her and a started yelp. He hit her again and she tried to squirm away. “I'll do worse,” he warned and she froze. Her ass, thighs, and shoulders all soon had bright red welts rising up as she hung limply from her wrists, weeping. In a light touch, he began to caress her developing bruises, making her gasp. He continued relentlessly, giving a smile at how her head hung down in utter defeat.

He reached up and unchained her wrists, catching her as she staggered. With unexpected care, he laid her down on the mattress. He spread her legs wide and blew softly on her labia. She gasped and arched, before meweling in pain at the way the fabric of the mattress scraped at her raw back. As his mouth closed over her sex, she gave a fearful whimper. This soon gave way to languid sighs and soft moans as he slaked his hunger for her pussy with enthusiasim.

Patiently, he brought her to orgasm. Once again, he brought her to the edge of another. This time, he stood up and slipped off his pants. Taking his turgid erection in hand, he knelt between her thighs. In a single smooth motion, he lifted her hips and buried himself within her. She gave a surprised cry that dropped down into a low, shuddering moan as he began to pump with in her. He breathed harder as he thrust vigorously, closing his eyes to focus more on the pleasure of her flesh. As his orgasm rose up and rolled over him, he listened to the various small, animalistic sounds of pleasure she made, delighting in how she shivered and climaxed beneath him.

She made a small, pained noise and fell silent as he loomed over her. He opened his eyes and found that his victim had succumbed to the weariness of the last few hours. Bruised and battered, she seemed smaller and more fragile before him. With an evil chuckle, he disentangled himself and then lifted her up. He placed her upon the worktable with the straps and secured her down. He took up a strap of duct tape and covered her mouth. She was so deeply unconscious that all she did was moan in protest.

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